Amazing features for your private enterprise app store

In-House iOS App Stores

Create your private enterprise app store with a few clicks and without technical knowledge!

Just upload your ipa and apk files and group them in an app store. Share the link with the users and they are ready to go.

  • One click app installs
  • App install pages for single apps
  • Create multiple app stores to group app install pages
  • iOS and Android support
  • Customize your app stores with custom CSS

You don't need to setup a mobile device management system to manage your private enterprise apps. You only need simple application management - no need to register devices or users. Your users don't need accounts and only a simple link to install the apps. Battle tested and bullet proof!

Provisioning Profile Watcher

Have you ever experiences the situation where a sales rep calls you during a customer meeting with the words "my app stopped working"?

Be prepared with the provisioning profile watcher and get notifications with our 30-7-1-0 system. 30 days before the provisioning profile expires, you'll get the first notification. This will be enough time for your development team to update the profile and upload a new app. If you miss the 7-days limit, get the next notification and be prepared if the app expires and the install button of your app store dissapears with a useful error message.

It has never been so easy to keep track of all our in-house apps and get notifications way before the provisioning profiles expire.

  • Keep track of your provisioning profiles
  • Never miss an app expiration again
  • Get time to solve app expirations as early as possible

Built For Amazing Teams

DISTRIBUTOR is built for amazing teams like yours!

We've built DISTRIBUTOR to remove the pain of enterprise app distribution which we had every day. We just didn't want to deal with the process anymore and developed a system that tackles every pain point for us.

This speeded up our development times and made it easy to access the apps from our customers point of view. During a project we setup the store for this customer and share the link - after this they always have access to the newest version.

Our customers create their own stores and grant access to our team to update their apps directly in their account. This makes it incredibly easy to manage their apps and get notified before a provisioning profile expires.

  • Share apps and app stores
  • Get access to multiple teams
  • Create multiple teams to manage separate developer teams
  • Use only one billing contact for all app stores and teams

Easy App Distribution

Enterprise app distribution is a pain for companies and teams that don't have a mobile device management system or just want to spread their internal betas across the team.

The reason is that you can't install iOS apps directly from the setup file and need to create an internal website for each install and secure this website with a paid SSL certificate. Other distribution systems force the user to sign-up and login for each install - a process quite difficult for non-technical users that don't want to create and manage many accounts in the web.

DISTRIBUTOR just creates an unique link for each uploaded app and allows you to group multiple apps in app stores. You can share this link with the users and they only need to press the install button on their device.

  • Unique install links
  • No registration and login needed
  • Single click to install

3 Simple Steps to get you started with DISTRIBUTOR

Sign up

Sign up with your email address or simply use Github or Google+ connect.

Choose your plan

Choose the plan that fits your needs or just join an existing team.

Upload your apps

Upload your apps and create your first own in-house app store.