Create private app stores for your clients

DISTRIBUTOR enables a hassle-free enterprise and beta app distribution experience for iOS and Android developers. Provide mobile application management as a service for your clients.


We remove the daily difficulties of iOS and Android app distribution and generate a new revenue stream for you.

Enterprise App Stores

Create enterprise app stores for your clients and distribute their apps without an expensive mobile device management system. Save tons of money with mobile application management.

Build, test and deploy the apps to DISTRIBUTOR and send over the air installation links to the users. You can just send single app install links or create custom and private app stores.

DISTRIBUTOR supports iOS and Android enterprise and beta apps.

Enterprise Appstore

iOS Provisioning Profile Watcher

Have you ever received a call from a customer who can't use their app anymore and found out that the provisioning profile was expired? Have you been this customer?

DISTRIBUTOR notifies you before this happens and sends warnings before the profile expires. Even if it's too late, you'll see this error directly and don't need to debug the app.

Provisioning Profile

Easy Enterprise App Distribution

You don't need a mobile device management system to distribute your in-house enterprise apps. You don't even need an own web server with an own SSL certificate.

We've removed the pain of the whole distribution process and created a one-click-experience which saves developers and consumers time every day. Your IT will love it.

You don't even need a click - you can simply use our fastlane action and upload the app directly from your CI service via our API.

App Distribution

Improve your app distribution workflow today.

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